Do Your Soul a Favor: Plotting the Course

Throughout the course of last week, I had several deep conversations, with different people, on different topics, that have helped me to understand the path that I am on. Sometimes we get so busy with meetings, tasks, and the daily demands of our lives that we start living on autopilot. Fortunately, through years of personal development and dedication to living my core values, my autopilot is genuine, honest, and sincere. The path that I am on is not a bad path. It is full of beauty, optimism, opportunity, hope, and meaningful challenges.

When I first decided that I did not like where I was heading, I started seeking formulas and concrete plans on how to change my life. I listened to self help podcasts, audio books, and watched countless videos on motivation. There had to be a simple answer to being able to rediscover myself and my identity. I knew that staying on the path that I was on would leave me unfulfilled, empty, full of regret, unsatisfied, and sad. The weight of the impending disappointment that I would face at the end of my life, if I didn’t change, was not as motivating as it was paralyzing. My situation was not wrought with financial struggle, physical pain, or a life that I could not endure. It’s much deeper and more meaningful than life itself. My soul was hurting and screaming in agony for not actively pursuing the life that I deserve. I was wasting time and was stuck in a rut of complacency and perceived stability. I was destined to live a comfortable life without fulfilling the needs within my soul.

I did not plan each meticulous step to get to where I am, but I’ve maintained a consistent high level idea of where I’ve been wanting to go. This non-detailed, spontaneous, approach has served me well. I personally believe that by not creating expectations of everything going as planned has created several advantages to building the life that I have always wanted. It has allowed me to quickly pivot and explore without having to rewrite the plan every time that something has changed. This has allowed me to accelerate my learning of what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’m not foolish enough to believe that my way is the only way. Everyone has their own way of making the journey to finding their ideal self. Some would perhaps argue that because I did not have a predetermined plan that I may have been less efficient and meandered a bit. This may be true. Ultimately, the most import thing to do is to envision the life you want and start moving forward in the way that works the best for you.

A message to those that are seeking that personal change and don’t know where to start, there is no definitive starting line. There is no magic formula. Looking back on my journey, I cannot identify that one specific moment in time where I feel like my journey began. It is an imperfect process. It is full of trial and error. The step that you take today may not be part of the master plan, but it’s important to take a step. Everything that you do will teach you something about yourself and will help you to understand what step to take next.

Even when you’re confronted with the most dire circumstances on your journey, find the courage to regroup and stay positive. I probably do not know you, but I know a lot of people. If you’re anything like the majority of people that I do know, then you have untapped potential and the ability to live the life you imagine. I want you to succeed because, the more that we elevate each other, we create a better world. Your personal success story will be an inspiration to me and others.