Finding a Little Inspiration

Depending on my current space emotionally or related to a business deal, I seek inspiration…
Currently, my inspirational need is a trip to New York City. There is simply no matching the energy that pulses through the city streets. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about the city that really gets me excited. I’m not sure if it’s the lights, food, people, architecture, arts, or advertising. I’m absolutely certain that it’s a special combination of things.
I’m about to close on a big real estate deal next week that, I feel, will be a catalyst to my future real estate endeavors (hence the need for big city inspiration). Even though the property is not located in a large city, it’s certainly unique and offers some interesting learning and development opportunities. I like to get out and see what other real estate developers have done with similar spaces to make buildings come to life.


As I type this entry, in the rear of an Uber, I take in the views of the city skyline… and traffic. It’s all part of the experience…
How are you currently feeling and where would you go for some needed inspiration?

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