A Facelift and Looking 100 Years Younger

The Old Is Looking Good Again!

I am going to forgo posting any photos of the finishing details of the house until it is complete (I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises). The whole package is going to be worth the wait, and I assure you that you will be amazed! I can say that the work that is being done is absolutely transformational.

A brand new, and improved, roof has been installed and the siding installation is just about complete. The house is once again a uniform color and it looks spectacular! An updated front porch and new trim around the doors and windows is simply going to make this house pop! The local community is buzzing about the house, and curiosity and excitement are on the rise, as 335 Front Street becomes one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood.

Roof replacement

We are so excited to showoff the final product, but you will have to hang tight for a few more weeks until the project is complete. In the meantime, here are a few updates on the progress that is being made on the inside.


The installation of the kitchen sink is complete!

Just kidding. The white utility sink was cleverly hooked up by the contractor so that they can have access to water for some of the construction activities. However, the water isn’t turned on yet to the house.

The old flooring has been removed from all of the rooms. We will be restoring the original 1920’s hardwood throughout the house. It’ll look great in the final photos once the remodeling is complete (better yet, come see it in person when we hold the open house).

The electric has been roughed in throughout the house and any shoddy wiring has been corrected. The service had already been upgraded to 200 Amps, so we lucked out on not having to do any upgrades to the electrical panel.

Rest of the House

To prevent giving away all of the details of the final design, I am going to just provide a general update on the rest of the house. The talented drywall contractor is working his magic and making the walls straight and smooth. I couldn’t believe the difference it makes to have straight seams and smooth uniform walls. This is truly going to be a new old house! Everything feels brand new with new fixtures and appliances throughout, updated electric, new bathrooms, new roof, new siding, finished floors… I think that you get the point.

Patchwork in progress bedroom #1

Patchwork in progress bedroom #2

More to Come

The progress continues to be on track and we can’t wait to show you the finished home. Thank you for following the progress at 335 Front Street. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to see you at the open house! We will provide the dates once we get to the home stretch.


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