This is it! Finally! – Introduction

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re making things more difficult than you need to? It’s like analysis paralysis, except worse. Worse because there is such a fog that you can’t even think of were to begin. This has been my story for this blog for years! I wanted to start, and did a few times, but became very fragmented about what I was trying to accomplish.

Head Shot
Bryan Donovan – Entreprenuer

In this moment, I finally have a moment of clarity on how I want to move forward. I am typing as quickly as possible so that I don’t lose this train of thought and end up back in the thick fog.

A couple of important bits of information to provide to create some context. I am employed by a major corporation and have been working in this corporate world for a little over 15 years as of writing this post. I currently own two profitable, but small businesses and co-own another small business. I am not at a point where I feel as though I have broken through the barriers to success.

With those bits said, this leads to my primary purpose of this blog. There are countless publications and books about the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. These successful people recount their struggles and journey to where they are today after the fact. Though their stories are empowering and inspirational, I believe that they are leaving out the most painful details of their journeys. This is probably inadvertent on their part because we all have a tendency to suppress our worst experiences. Think a failed relationship for example…

Anyway, my purpose for this blog is twofold. I want to document my journey so that I can capture those heart dropping lows and the heart stopping highs of making my way through the trials of successful business ownerships. The second purpose is to help other people along their journey. This is a public forum and I encourage questions, comments, thoughts, and celebrations! There are so many things that I have experienced and I want to hear about all of your experiences in business, ideas, and desires. I am here as a resource and I’m sure that there are plenty of other people that will also lend a hand.

So this is finally it! I can finally see clearly and I’m extremely excited about this journey and the roles that all of us will play. In case you didn’t notice, you’re already part of the team because you’re reading this.

The first thing that we need to do is just take one step forward. Mine was starting this blog and getting the first post published. Take a step by commenting below about one thing that you have done that is entrepreneurial. I’m excited to take this journey and I’m happy to have you here by my side!